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This platform is all about you. Even a newbie can join today and start building apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle. It's that simple...

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These apps are really professional with many built-in features.
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How to earn with Easy App Domination Builder?
Truely sky is the limit. This powerful app builder can be monetized in many different ways. Here we have mentioned just and few and rest will be inside the member's area.
Create an income with adsense.
Inside the Easy App Domination platform you can easily create apps and monetize them with adsense. It's a great way to earn money. Once built and published, the apps will available always for download with ads being displayed inside and when users click the ads your adsense account will be credited for that. Inside the members area we have mentioned details on selecting the app topic and name to get better results with adsense earning. So, if you are interested in adsense income them make sure to get started today.
Affiliate Marketing and CPA Offers
Affiliate marketing and CPA offers are great way to earn money. With this app builder platform we take affiliate and CPA marketing to a completely new level. You can get really targeted visitors to your affiliate/cpa offers. Competition in app store is less as compared to websites , so you can rank faster and get targeted traffic. So, make sure to watch out the training in members area. You will love it.
Apps for Local Business
If you are looking to work as offline consultants for local business, then this is a great option. There are thousands of local business out there who need mobile apps but are not sure how to build them. So, you can act as mobile app consultant and do it for them. They will be highly thankful to you. We have got huge collection of templates for local business and most of these are highly professional with lots of features. So, make sure to try this. Complete details inside the member's area.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Easy App Domination Do?
Following are some of the amazing benefits that you can use inside the app builder platform. You can use these in your apps easily to increase app value, feature and price.
That's Great! Now Can I See Some Real Results!
Sure, following are some of the results we have got after using the app builder 'Easy App Domination'.
Google Adsense Earning Results(in Dollars)
As you can see our apps have generated a revenue of average $1309 (approx Rs 83,000-Indian currency) per month and for last three months it has increased to $1674(approx Rs 1,07,000-Indian currency). Inside the training area, you will learn to build and publish such apps. We will explain in detail about selecting good app title, including content, adding adsense,images and everything required. So,get started today.

Above calculation done at $1 = Rs 64(Indian rupee)
CPA Earning
Here we did the experiment with MaxBounty which is one of the leading CPA networks. We tried a email submit offer where you get paid when someone submits his email id in the form. As you can see we are consistently generating between $100-$200/month from the apps we had built months ago. Inside, we have special training for CPA and Affiliate marketing.
Offline Local Business Apps
Local business need mobile apps and you can provide a solution to them. With Easy App platform you can build apps effectively and sell apps to local business. The above screenshot was for android apps in 2013. We initially started with this. But, now you can sell iOS ( iPhone and iPad) apps also. So, get started today and take advantage of this.
List Building Results
Just insert the lead capture form inside the mobile app and you can generate lead capture page quickly. You can use this list for email marketing later. We got some amazing results after implementing this and we have explained this inside the training area. So, if you are looking to build a list then you should try this today. After all, a great responsive list is a big asset for online marketing.
Disclaimer :- Kindly note that the results above are not typical customer results and results will vary from customer to customer.
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Testimonials : Here is what our users have to say...
The following users have used our platform 'Easy App Domination' and shared their feelings with us. We hope to hear similar things from you soon.
Investing time in Easy App Domination platform has been one of my best decisions so far. Training provided was really nice and as it was online I could watch and learn anytime. I did exactly as mentioned and I have started earning online.Thanks a lot for coming up with such fantastic product to help common people like me create an income source online.
Sunil P
I was really looking for methods to earn online. Earlier, I used to spend time online but now I have made that time productive. Now, I can see the results of my effort in terms on money. If you are looking for a genuine product, then Easy App Domination is a real deal. Since mobile apps are only going to increase in future, so the future with this product is awesome and I am grateful that I have created an income source with this. It gives me a great joy to have my income streams(mobile app) work for me day and night even while I am not working. Really, I love this and recommend to others also.
Ved S
"Easy App" is a nice source of income for me. I strictly followed the Rules & Instructions while making apps and it is very essential to keep in mind that you have to Follow the Rules Strictly, otherwise it may create hurdle in your way of making app. Also, I have made apps consistently. The training videos has been very helpful for me. It guided me throughout my app making. I followed the videos exactly. And it brought me good result.
Sonam S
Your name can be here. We are actually waiting for you. Click the 'Get Started' button below and work with the system. Like others we are sure you will achieve results too. Also, make sure to send your testimonial to us and we will publish it here. So, see you inside the member's area.
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Disclaimer :- Kindly note that the results above are not typical customer results and results will vary from customer to customer.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I have to dowload any software to install?
This is a web-based software. So, you don't have to download anything. After subscription you will be taken to the registration page where you can create an account. You can access this from windows or mac, so this is platform independent too.

Do I need a Mac system for publishing iOS apps?
Our smart system has great publishing features. So, we take care of everything. You don't need a mac to publish iOS apps if you are using our system.

I am not a techie peson? Can I still use this?
This platform 'Easy App Domination' is specially for newbies. There are over 100 templates and features which takes coding and other technical stuff out of picture. If you follow the training step by step you can create and publish apps for android, iPhone and iPad. So, enjoy...

Is there anything else that I require with the system?
It depends on the method you will be using to earn money. If you want to earn by building apps for offline business, then you don't require anything else.
If you want to earn by CPA/Affiliate/Adsense methods then you need to have respective accounts.
In addition to the above you need to have google play account for pubishing android apps in google play. And for apple, you need to have an apple developer account else you can use our account also.
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