How To Start Online Within 30 Mins From Now & Generate Income…


Note:- Kindly read the complete guide before taking action or coming to any conclusions.

It’s a great feeling to have an extra source of income and in this guide we will provide you some real information and practical tips to get started within 30mins from now.

There is a huge demand for what you are going to offer and we will show to how to find the people who have this demand and how to supply them. And we will do this with local business mobile apps.

Yes, local business mobile apps will be the primary focus in this document.

Business owners need mobile apps and we can provide them this service as consultants. Creating apps with our platform Easy App Domination is simplified as we have more than 100 templates and more and more are being added regularly.  So, get started with this fast.

In this short tutorial we will provide you all details to get started.

You have to just watch the basic training first and select the app which you want to make.  Then customize it according to the need with your client’s logo, content and other details. All the training and details to make apps is provided inside the member’s area and it’s really simple.

But, before that let’s see how you can start.

You can make apps for android and then duplicate it for iphone, ipad and kindle with the duplicate feature.  So, with minimum effort you can get maximum results.

In addition to the onetime charge, you can also charge monthly fees for maintenance and push notification service. So, the opportunity is huge and you should take advantage of this right now.

We are also providing you with the method to find email id and also a sample email.

The key to success with this method is taking action.

Typical cost you can charge:

  1. Android : $500 – $1000
  2. iPhone & iPad : $1500 – $3000
  3. Monthly maintenance : $100-$150

Ofcourse, the charge will vary according to the business and also your confidence.

There are thousands of businesses out there waiting for you and is a totally untapped market. So, just 3 clients a month for $1500 would mean you will be earning $4500 and an additional $300-$450/month as monthly recurring.

How To Get Lots Of Emailid Fast:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the following and then click search

“yoga” “dallas”””

i.e “business type “ “place” “”

Replace the business type with the business you want to target and the place with the place you want to target.

This will search all the yoga related business in dallas area having a gmail id.




Now, copy and emailid’s into a notepad and then send them an email.

Following is a sample email which you can use. Ofcourse, you are free to modify and use it according to your needs.

Email Template:

Sub : Found In Google. Wanted To Know More – Kindly Reply



I was searching in goggle and came across your information.
Just wanted to ask if you have mobile app because I could not
actually find one.

We can design nice mobile app for you with great features.
Almost everyone now has smart phone and mobile apps are the
main feature in smart phones.
So, with mobile app you can
1) Mention all details about your service.
User doesn’t need to be online to access these.
2) You can have ‘Call Us’ button using which users can contact you
3) You can have location details with map for ease of navigation.
4) You can have menu and complete price details and collect payment too.
5) Use push notification and send promotional messages to all users instantly
without investing in SMS
6) Integrate your facebook, twitter and linkedin pages for social media interaction..
7) And lots more..

We can design app with all and more features for you.
Also, our charges are really affordable.

Just send us your website and we will give you an estimate of cost and time.
Looking forward to interact with you soon.

Your Name

When they reply, send them the cost details and close the sale.

Also, you can get lots of contact details from, yelp, craiglist and backpage.

Use all options, take action and be successful. If you are comfortable, then you can give them a direct call also to fix appointment. You need to get out of the comfort zone and take action.

Kindly note that you cannot expect reply to every email that you send and close a sale.

But, with practice it will happen and as it happens you will get more confident.

So, the key to success here will be persistence. Take action regularly and keep sending emails daily for a month at least before you take any decision.

Believe me, when you start receiving money in your account, it will be so pleasing and you will actually start enjoying the process.

How to Start

Follow the steps below in order to get started now:

  1. Search for emails using the method described above
  2. Send them emails
  3. When you start getting replies, interact with them and close the sale
  4. Then use our platform to build apps for them

Follow the above 4 steps and you can start earning money.

After you get money from the client you can register with us and create an app developer account.

Click To Visit Easy App Domination

There are many packages available at dirt cheap price.

  1. Starter: 3 Apps for $9.99
  2. Premium(With Trial Offer) : $1 for 1st month and then $29/month . You can create unlimited apps with this package.
  3. Premium+ : Unlimited annual apps for $197/year
  4. Click To Visit Easy App Domination Order Page

You can choose any of the packages to get started. But remember, inside the member’s area we also show you how to earn money with other different methods also like adsense, CPA, affiliate etc.

Inside the Easy App Domination platform you can easily create apps and monetize them with adsense. It’s a great way to earn money. Once built and published, the apps will available always for download with ads being displayed inside and when users click the ads your adsense account will be credited for that. Inside the members area we have mentioned details on selecting the app topic and name to get better results with adsense earning. So, if you are interested in adsense income them make sure to get started today.


Adsense Income Proof:


As you can see our apps have generated a revenue of average $1309 (approx Rs 83,000-Indian currency) per month and for last three months it has increased to $1674(approx Rs 1,07,000-Indian currency). Inside the training area, you will learn to build and publish such apps. We will explain in detail about selecting good app title, including content, adding adsense,images and everything required. So,get started today.

Above calculation done at $1 = Rs 64(Indian rupee)


CPA Income Proof:


Here we did the experiment with MaxBounty which is one of the leading CPA networks. We tried a email submit offer where you get paid when someone submits his email id in the form. As you can see we are consistently generating between $100-$200/month from the apps we had built months ago. Inside, we have special training for CPA and Affiliate marketing.

Finally, selling apps to local business is great, but it will be highly beneficial if you start implementing other methods also.

So, Click To Visit Easy App Domination  and get started now with all the methods and multiple sources of income.


Wishing you all the best,

Gyan Sahoo, Founder

Easy App Domination



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Disclaimer :- Kindly note that the results mentioned in this guide are not typical customer results and results will vary from customer to customer.